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Characteristics of Magma Spa Studio

Magma Spa Studio is a hot studio made with lava stones from Mt. Fuji. It was created to use Negative Ion and Far Infrared Therapy to "effectively raise body heat". The studio uses water vapor for heating, so you can breathe easily while you exercise.

It has approximately 30 times the negative ions of a park or shady woods.

According to the results of an ION tester, compared to a park and shady woods (Tokyo Shiba Kouen), the studio had approximately 30 times more negative ions. Because of this, the air inside the studio is purified and you can exercise comfortably.

Comparison of regular Hot Yoga Studios and Magma Spa Studio

Do you perspire well? Is it effective for dieting?

Medical Test Report

The exercises people affected by Metabolic Syndrome performed at Magma Spa Studio was successful in improving their condition.

Test Results Verification by a CT image. By attending 1 lesson per week, in a mere 2 months, the women's subcutaneous fat had been dramatically reduced!!

Participants: 8 men, 7 women. 15 total.

Number of times: 8 times (Once per week x 8 weeks)

Verification Items: (Height, weight, body fat percentage, basic metabolism, amount of muscle, abdominal girth, blood pressure) Abdomen CT (Visceral fat, subcutaneous fat) pulse, blood test, urine test, brain functions, examination of levels of exercise, and a questionnaire regarding their health, lifestyle and sleeping habits.

Test Periods: Before beginning exercise, for 4 weeks after start and after finish, for a total of 3 times.

Medical Institution Performing Tests: Feel Fine Clinic

Company in Charge: Anti-Aging Science Co., Ltd.

Medical Invigilator: Juntendo University Graduate School (Medical Research Department) Doctor Takuji Shirasawa

I heard it was good for your skin, too…

We have medically tested our Mt. Fuji Magma bath’s claim to care for aging skin.

  • 保湿力の改善について
    You perspire profusely in the Mt. Fuji Magma bath, and because of this, the secretion of sebum from the sebaceous glands is increased and it seems that the moisturizing ability of the epidermis is also improved. Therefore, the amount of oil seems to be linked to the improvement of pores on the skin.
  • 肌への効果について
    It was affirmed that pigmentation is generally an improvement, and because the Mt. Fuji Magma bath improves metabolism, it was speculated that it might also improve skin turnover. The antioxidant ability was also confirmed by blood testing, suggesting that this inhibits the synthesis of melanin pigments.
  • 肌トラブルの改善について
    This time, complaints like "This time, complaints like and the "firmness and shine" was consistent with the image analysis of the skin and moisture and oil values obtained.
  • その他
    The tests this time were performed with the help of 86 26~56 year old women, who used the Mt. Fuji Magma bath 10 times each over a 50 day period. According to the results of the subjective symptom test done by AAQol, "The firmness and shine of my skin has disappeared", "The roughness of my skin worries me.", "I feel that the corners of my mouth have turned down." and "I feel like my skin is has become dull.", improvements were seen in all 5 items.
医療検証について Subjects: 20 30~49 year old women. Number of times: 10 times over 4 weeks.
Test items: Measurement/Analysis (Robo Skin Analyzer/A questionnaire by AAQol.
Medical Institution: Medical Urban Clinic, and others.
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